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Is Bronchitis Contagious?

The questions….. I have seen hundreds of people asking out there, is the Bronchitis contagious? The only answer we can give is yes. One of the most contagious disease and both viral and bacterial infection causing agent, the Bronchitis growth increases if the proper cure is not taken in view. It may cause several infections […]

The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Bronchitis

It is usually much better to prevent an illness from occurring rather than having to battle with it while looking for the appropriate treatment methods. This usually calls for a lot of research where you will have to look for the ways that will be used to look after you to make sure body is […]

Eosinophilic Bronchitis: A Major Cause of Chronic Cough

There are a number of causes that can cause a person to develop chronic cough and experts are still doing research to exhaust them all. One of the recent developments with the causes has got to be bronchitis. To understand this more, it is important to review the natural history, treatment and pathogenesis of the […]