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Using Yoga to Relieve Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a viral disease that affects almost all ages of people. However, it is very common in children, or we can say that children become an easy prey for this disease. Due to the low level of immunity against the cold and the winter seasons, the children come out to be quite easy targets […]

What to Do with Bronchitis While Pregnant

Bronchitis seriously affects the human system but Bronchitis While Pregnant is much more painful. In this condition, a victim has the cough at a sever level.  A pregnant patient of this disease cannot keep her food in herself and vomits out.  Bronchitis While Pregnant seems more dangerous when breathlessness occurs, and this is the most […]

How to Recover from Bronchitis

Recovering from Bronchitis is not that simple as it seems to be. Bronchitis is a highly contagious disease that causes the inflammation of the bronchi. In its earlier stages, this disease meant to start coughing and sore throat in the patient. With the passage of time the cough gets a new trend while introducing the […]

Breathing Exercises for Bronchitis

A closer look: One of the most dangerous disease that may lead someone towards the death if proper checkup and treatment is not carried out, Bronchitis breathing exercises are suggested by every doctor to get rid of the Bronchitis by following just few steps each day to shape up your life a new way. If […]

Recommended Food for Bronchitis Sufferers

We know that bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucus lining of the trachea system. A high percentage of bronchitis is caused by bacteria especially when infected with flu and colds caused by virus. It’s advisable to have a diet that will supplement in keeping away the bacteria and virus. Also to assist in making […]

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