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About Spastic Bronchitis

Spastic Bronchitis, also known as Asthma, is usually caused by adverse reaction of the respiratory system. Bronchitis is a state where a patient may feel pain in his chest, regular intervals of coughing up blood, whistling sound during the pass on of air from nostrils, sometime slow breathing rate and some time the patient encounters […]

What is the Incubation Period of Bronchitis?

The patients of Bronchitis have to deal with this very annoying and painful disease but there is not a good number of people who are well aware of what Bronchitis is and the same way no knowledge about the Bronchitis Incubation Period has been imparted to them. There is a very low percentage of the […]

Bronchitis Statistics

The world population is increasing at an alarmingly high rate and the diseases are following suit as well. The pollution and the rapidly changing global environment is also taking its part in deploying more and more diseases. In such a situation it comes out to be quite necessary to point out some basic Bronchitis Statistics […]

What is the Contagious Period for Bronchitis?

There are lots of respiratory diseases that are contagious and they have different contagious periods as per the severity and the circumstances. The Bronchitis spreads at a very faster pace as it is contagious and the patient is a great carrier getting others prone to fall a new prey to the Bronchitis. The bronchitis is […]

Etiology of Bronchitis

Bronchitis which is the infection of bronchi, branches of trachea or windpipe. The infection leads to the inflammation of bronchi that result into hyper secretion of mucus or cough. This causes problematic breathing activity, wheezing, cough, headache, and so on. The cause of infection may depend on the age or maturity of the person and […]

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