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Bronchitis vs Bronchiolitis

Looking for details on Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus, we come up to know that Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis are two diseases related with respiratory system. Both the diseases seem to have nearly similar name but the disease is not the same. There are differences while taking a look at Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus. It is a must necessary […]

What to Do About Dry Cough with Bronchitis

Normal coughing might be a bit disturbing but the Bronchitis Dry Cough is not something that can be ignored at all. Moreover, it is much more painful and annoying as compared to the normal coughing as it is accompanied by a severe pain. Dry cough means cough with no or minimum amount of mucus or […]

About Chest Congestion and Bronchitis

About the disease: Bronchitis is a cold disease and it is caused by the attack of viruses. Virus and bacteria are the natural causes for Chest Congestion and Bronchitis. There are some other causes as well like smoking, polluted air, etc. Bronchitis leads the airways to be wide and therefore it becomes difficult to breath […]

Emphysema vs Bronchitis

Brief about the disease: Emphysema is a disease of lungs, which restrict the airflow to lungs. Emphysema can be called as infection in lungs and consequently it enlarges the air sacs. You will be amazed to know that, the principal reason behind this disease is smoking. Oxygen works as fuel for lungs to work properly. […]

Bronchitis and Alcohol

The most common symptom of Bronchitis which we observe daily is coughing repeatedly, which result in phlegm. Bronchitis and Alcohol have a strong relationship because alcohol seriously affects your lungs and the respiratory system of a human being and results in   acute type of Bronchitis. Bronchitis caused by alcohol and smoking is finally known as […]

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