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What to Do About Dry Cough with Bronchitis

Normal coughing might be a bit disturbing but the Bronchitis Dry Cough is not something that can be ignored at all. Moreover, it is much more painful and annoying as compared to the normal coughing as it is accompanied by a severe pain. Dry cough means cough with no or minimum amount of mucus or […]

About Chest Congestion and Bronchitis

About the disease: Bronchitis is a cold disease and it is caused by the attack of viruses. Virus and bacteria are the natural causes for Chest Congestion and Bronchitis. There are some other causes as well like smoking, polluted air, etc. Bronchitis leads the airways to be wide and therefore it becomes difficult to breath […]

About Bronchitis Spasms

There is no exaggeration that Bronchitis Spasm lead to various other diseases like lung cancer and infections. Make sure you are following the respective prescriptions and medications with exercises directed by doctor. Bronchitis is basically an inflammation caused by the viruses or even bacterial fungus that increases the pressure on the lungs gradually and introducing […]

Allergic Bronchitis Symptoms

As the Bronchitis is not a single disease that affects the whole body, instead its sibling diseases are far more dangerous than you expect like Allergic Bronchitis symptoms which eventually gets birth just after the virus attacks. This disease is also referred as Allergic Asthma in general. If an immune system suffers from the allergic […]

Symptoms of Bronchitis in Infants

Infants and Bronchitis: If you feel that a child is coughing continuously and is having difficulties in breathing, it is more than enough to be alarmed as these are infant bronchitis symptom. Be cautious!!! Your child may be suffering from Bronchitis. Observing the child’s daily activities and his health is one of the most essential […]

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