About Spastic Bronchitis

Spastic Bronchitis, also known as Asthma, is usually caused by adverse reaction of the respiratory system. Bronchitis is a state where a patient may feel pain in his chest, regular intervals of coughing up blood, whistling sound during the pass on of air from nostrils, sometime slow breathing rate and some time the patient encounters the same with a very high speed. This causes a hectic situation with the patient of this nuisance disease.

There are so many circumstances, which may cause the situation of bronchitis, including household dust; in addition, the unhygienic living conditions even when the humidity level increased may result in this disease. Spastic Bronchitis is usually caused by a viral infection and not due to bacteria. Keeping the same scenario in the mind, the antibiotics must be avoided in such conditions. It is observed that if antibiotics are given to a bronchitis patient, it will kill natural antibodies, which are natural guard of the body against bacteria. So, our inner system becomes sensitive and may become a victim of several life-threatening diseases, including Spastic Bronchitis.

As we know that bronchitis is a viral infection and easily spreads during coughing process even hand shaking and touching to an infected person may cause the spread of this disease. This is the reason why a patient needs be more careful while being infected as he is a carrier of the disease at the same time.

Let us have a detailed view of symptoms of Spastic Bronchitis. It would let even a man in the street point out whether someone is affected with this type of disease or not. Continuous process of coughing is an initial stage of this disease. If it is not cured at this stage, it may create a very acute condition for a patient. Some other symptoms may include chest pain, mild fever. Difficulty faced by the patient in inhaling and exhaling process and coughing up with blood or phlegm. Patient may feel cold and flu, feeling tired and tightness of upper part of the chest.

If we look at the remedies to avoid Spastic Bronchitis then it may include but not limited to following conditions:

It is normally spread in winter season, as viral movement is very prevalent in the winter season. Always try to wash your hands frequently specially, when you may touch some common places like doors, handles. One should also try to avoid touching a patient suffering from such a disease as viral may transfer to you via this infected patient. Smoking is a major contributor to this type of disease so try to avoid smoking. It is observed that children of smoker parents have plenty of chances to become a pray of this kind of disease.

Chemicals also contribute towards spreading of this disease. It is noted that this disease is very common in urban areas where there are several industries emitting toxic material daily causing an open threat to every common man living in this society. So it must be tried to lessen the effect of such toxic material by following environmental policies.

If we come up taking a look at the treatment, Levamisole is a very effective medicine in case of Spastic Bronchitis and the same has proven results backing its use. Even it  was experienced on a sample of 20 patients produced a wonderful result of more than 80% improvement cases observed. Another good thing in it is that there are no side effects recorded. Another sample of patients suffering from Spastic Bronchitis is treated with Ambroxol giving 47% positive result with complete recovery and 38% cases with considerable improvement. No side effects are noted in this sample too.

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