Bronchitis Statistics

The world population is increasing at an alarmingly high rate and the diseases are following suit as well. The pollution and the rapidly changing global environment is also taking its part in deploying more and more diseases. In such a situation it comes out to be quite necessary to point out some basic Bronchitis Statistics so that the plans to eradicate this disease could be formulated at an international level accordingly. According to several Health and Bronchitis Statistics, it has been found that around 4% of the whole population is suffering from bronchitis. However the Bronchitis Statistics and percentage may raise more as the symptoms were underreported by the patients.

Bronchitis, a common respiratory illness, is due to the inflammation of bronchi found in lungs. It is of two types, acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is common among peoples and is generally caused by bacteria or virus or sometime fungus lasting for around 10 to 12 days. However chronic bronchitis is more serious indeed that requires medical attentions to prevent from further complications as it can last up to 3 months to years.

The initial step’s symptoms in both of the types of bronchitis show general symptoms similar to cold and cough. The different studies and research has developed certain general statistic with the occurrence of bronchitis. According to study for Bronchitis Statistics, the common acute bronchitis occurs due to weak immune system so more common in young children, infants and aged persons. Also people exposed to air polluted environments and having habit of smoking are more prone to be infected. Peoples with early lungs and heart problems can easily get infected to acute bronchitis. However worst condition can be chronic bronchitis that can be more common in peoples provided with air polluted environment and more contact with cigarette smoking or other airway irritants resulting into the inflammation of bronchi. The inflammation occurs slowly so more common in middle aged individuals that results in more secretion of mucus and coughs.

As for the Bronchitis Statistics are concerned, the research has shown that the bronchitis becomes more common during autumn and winter seasons. Also peoples in cold and humid environment are more prone to be getting infected. However the symptom of the infection is similar to cold most of the people remain unknown about the infections. The infections can cause complexion in breathing. If remain untreated for long periods it can cause the inflammation of whole respiratory track that leads more secretion of coughs and mucus which leads to further infection on the areas. The hyper-secretion of much and coughs are due to increased activity of mucus-producing glands. The whole process does not end here because these mucus and coughs if remained for long period may cause serious problems. Chances of growing of microbes to the infected areas increase resulting into further complexion.

There are Bronchitis Statistics about the complications that can occur after the bronchitis. It has been found that among the patients infected with acute bronchitis, more than 10% are subjected to develop complications. Further complications may be Bacterial super-infection, chronic bronchitis, Pneumonia, Hemoptysis and so on. Heading towards Bronchitis Statistics, around 5% patient suffered from bronchitis develop Pneumonia which is even unaffected by the antibiotics. The whole immune system may get disturbed any chances of other infections also increases if not treated timely. Patients with cardiopulmonary disease or presence of other one or more disorders may lead the condition of bronchitis in patient to the worst and severe case. The comorbidities can also lead to bronchitis by affecting the immune system of the whole body.

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