Length of Time Bronchitis Usually Lasts

Bronchitis as we have learned is where bronchial tubes and lungs are inflamed. It can either be caused by a virus or bacteria causing the patient to have acute or chronic bacteria. We have also learned that both types of bronchitis have the same symptoms which are wheezing, lung tightness, coughing, fatigue and in severe cases fever. We also mentioned that due to ignorance most people discover what they are suffering from when it’s too late. This is because most people think they are just suffering from common cough. Normally this ends up not being the case. Once one is diagnosed with bronchitis, the length of bronchitis also depends on the type. Other factors are also considered.

Looking at the types and the time it takes for bronchitis to vacate the body. For acute bronchitis, it takes a couple of weeks to months to leave. It may leave traces of dry coughs that are irritating and it may stay a while. For chronic bronchitis, if it’s diagnosed at an early stage, may last slightly over three months. This type is serious because if one goes back to causes then the bronchitis tends to re- occur after some years. Also administration of medicine determines the length of bronchitis.

With the knowledge of length of bronchitis types, we can now look at other factors that play significant role in determining how long bronchitis can stay in the body. It depends on the person taking the medication. It could be an adult or a child. Another factor is monitoring the period after taking antibiotics and also if the bronchitis is untreated.

Adult bronchitis

This adult is most likely to be working. In this case if he/she is working in an industrious field and has inhaled toxic fumes. Put in mind that the fumes inhaled do not act immediately. This is a timely process that has been happening over a given period of time and the length of bronchitis will differ. The toxins have slowly been damaging the lungs and the inflammation comes while the person starts trying to emit the infected mucus. Also if the adult has been smoking for long periods of time, inhaled smoke does the same to the lungs. Once diagnosed this may take the form of chronic bronchitis. Once the treatment has commenced, the patient needs to be very observant and take the whole dose of medication. If well combined with a good diet and gradual exercise then length of bronchitis may not take longer than three months.

Child bronchitis

Children may take long to even contract bronchitis. They are not usually exposed to what most adults are exposed to. If it’s a toddler then bronchitis could be caused by immature growth. Also if the school they go to is close to a place that emits toxic fumes.  Medical causes like Asthma, heart problems, allergies and recurring tonsils cause bronchitis. This type once diagnosed early it can take shorter periods to vacate the body like two weeks to a month. Therefore in this case length of bronchitis may take shorter time than one month to heal.

Another factor that is very risky and life threatening is if the bronchitis goes untreated. This is where we mentioned ignorance or even lack of knowledge. One may keep on assuming that this is just a cold and wish it will go away on its own. The inflammation from effort to emit the mucus becomes serious with time. Here it gets to a point where pain is felt while coughing, blood may also start coming out because of bruising the airways walls. This could go beyond treatment to having a transplant. The length of bronchitis whole depends on treatment period and how the patient reacts to the medication.

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