Overview of Purulent Bronchitis

Common cold attack or bronchitis:

There are hardly any basic differences between common cold disease and purulent bronchitis. Therefore, you have to remain cautious every time when you are being attacked by cold. Symptoms of purulent bronchitis are acute cough and stuffiness in nose. However, the amount of cough in the case of normal cold attack is less than the amount of cough in the case of chronic bronchitis. This cough will work as an impediment to the free flow of air going to your lungs. If your illness continues for a month or so, you have to consider it as purulent bronchitis and you have to take adequate steps to get rid of it.

What is responsible for purulent bronchitis?

Our life style plays a huge role in preventing diseases. That is why by maintaining a healthy life style we can stay free from the diseases. There are several reasons behind purulent bronchitis. Some of them are given below.

  • Smoking is the root cause of almost all lungs diseases. Regular smokers are suffering from lungs diseases regularly. Consequently, their lungs have become weak and less preventive against diseases to a huge extent. Not only smokers, people who are living in excessive polluted area, they also fall victim of this disease. They are suffering from this disease without any clue.As the smokers  lungs is already weak, it becomes easy for the viruses and bacteria’s to attack and cause great harm to the patient. The patient will face different problems but he will face the main problem with respiration. Females are safe to some extent as they smoke less than the male do. Sometimes, children also fall victim to this disease.
    • One of the studies shows that three kinds of bacteria are mainly responsible for this disease. Streptococcus pneumonia, Moxarella catarrhalis, Haemophilus influenza are those three harmful bacteria’s. When situation worsen it will be a difficult job to remove these bacteria’s.
    •    Unique symptoms:

If you are able to diagnosis the unique symptoms, it will be an easy task for you to get cure soon. However, most people are not able to do this and they suffer for a longer period.

  • Look carefully to your cough. Try to find that it is wet or dry. If it is wet, that means there are excessive amount of mucus in your lungs. If it is dry, it is a good news for you because it indicates that it is not purulent bronchitis.
  • The patient will face problem with his breathing because of excessive amount of mucus in his lungs which will work as a hinder for the lungs to work properly.. This purulent bronchitis will also make the air sacs to be enlarged and thereby you have to burn a lot of energy while breathing. As a result, the patient will be sick and will feel sleepy.
  • If you feel stuffiness in lying that means that you are suffering from purulent bronchitis. It happens for the presence of a lot of mucus. The patient will soon discover that he is much better in sitting position rather than lying position.
  • There will appear some skin problems to the patient as well. In the case of purulent bronchitis, it will be more visible than the normal one. You can take some medicines to get rid of the skin diseases.
  • Sometimes it may happen that, your mucus will gather at your neck and you will fail to bring it out from your mouth. In that case, your respiration will be more complicated and you may feel pain in your chest.

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