Bronchitis vs Bronchiolitis

Looking for details on Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus, we come up to know that Bronchitis and Bronchiolitis are two diseases related with respiratory system. Both the diseases seem to have nearly similar name but the disease is not the same. There are differences while taking a look at Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus. It is a must necessary to understand the differences before we or our close ones get infected with any of them. However there are certain similarities as well with these two types of diseases. We need to discuss every aspect of these two types of diseases and then we will be finding how much these two diseases are similar to each other or how much differences are there between these two diseases.

The aspects which we will study will be the signs and symptoms, causes of diseases, diagnosis, prevention and complications. Moreover, a good comparison between these two forms of Bronchitis would let you know how to respond in each of the form. For the persons near the patients, it is more essential to be aware of the signs and the symptoms of these disease as they have to take into account how to proceed with any of these forms of Bronchitis.

Going ahead with the studies as to Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus, the symptoms that are found in both the cases are not much different. Both of the diseases show symptoms similar to cold or influenza that develops wheeze, cough and shortness in breathing. Both diseases are caused by influenza viruses. However the major virus that causes bronchiolitis is RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). However the occurrence of diseases is very different, bronchitis usually affects old children and adults as well but the bronchiolitis affects premature infants. Children with weak immune system and not given breast feed are more prone to get bronchiolitis.

The centre or site of infection is slightly different in Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus. Bronchitis virus infects the bronchi of the lungs while bronchiolitis virus infects inner branch namely bronchioles. Bronchi and bronchioles are the branches of windpipe. Bronchi are further divided into bronchioles. It has been found that wheezing in children is mainly due to bronchiolitis which is a viral infection. However bronchitis is also caused by bacteria and some fungus. About 5-10 % bronchitis infections are due to bacteria. This means antibiotics can cure some of the bronchitis but none of the bronchiolitis because only bacteria and fungus are sensitive to antibiotics not the viruses.

Having a comparison of Bronchitis Vs Bronchiolitus , both the diseases are results of weak immune system. And both of them are contagious and can spread through air. People close to patients can also develop these diseases. Also some of bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, is not contagious because it is not causes by any agents. It is caused due to environmental pollutions, air pollutions and smoking cigarettes.

Both of the diseases have complications of getting further infections if not treated timely. Bronchitis if remain untreated or not resolved by the immune system may lead to further complications to chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and so on. Bronchiolitis may lead to the middle ear bacterial infection and development of bronchial hyperactivity (asthma) later.

As the disease is caused due to the infections of microbes more commonly viruses, both the diseases can be prevented by reducing the spread of the viruses. For this we need to undergo regular hand wash, using mask and so on.

It has also been found that bronchiolitis that infects at bronchioles of the air passage are more dangerous than bronchitis infecting bronchi. This is due to the fact that bronchioles are very minute in diameter and even a little swelling may lead to drastic problems in breathings.

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