What is the Link Between Bronchitis and Laryngitis?

Bronchitis is caused by both virus and bacteria. They cause an inflammation in the mucus lining that protect the trachea. This comes with difficulty while passing air through the airways and becomes very painful. This friction causes the victim to cough. It normally starts as a cold and just when it goes to end it elevates to bronchitis. This is due to improper medication and also ignorance not forgetting poor immunity plays a big part. Bronchitis affects the way air passes through the wind pipe. Laryngitis is the inflammation of larynx which causes voice changing to hoarseness. Therefore bronchitis and laryngitis both affect the respiratory system.

Larynx which protects the airways houses the voice box. Narrowing of the upper airways is caused by the inflammation causes the voice to be horse. This is due to irritation of the vocal codes. In extreme cases the patient loses voice completely. This loss of voice is called aphonia in scientific terms. If laryngitis lasts less than a few days then it’s considered acute. When it goes beyond the few normal days of voice loss then it’s considered to be chronic. The causes and symptoms of laryngitis are close though most are similar to those of bronchitis. Researchers believe that bronchitis and laryngitis are very similar.

Related causes

Laryngitis is caused by a viral infection and doesn’t equally end when the infection is over. Just like bronchitis there is a type that is caused by a virus. It also if weakly treated doesn’t go away after the infection. The voice hoarseness may continue way after the infection has been treated so is the bronchitis. It sometimes elevates to chronic or acute. Laryngitis is caused by singing loudly, cheering or even talking loudly for long periods of time.  Smoking or inhaling toxic fumes is similar cause for both bronchitis and laryngitis.

Related symptoms

In both if the victims have inhaled toxic fumes or have smoked, and then they are bound to cough. This coughs are initially mild but as the mucus linings and vocal codes continue to get inflamed the cough becomes severe. In the vent of excessive coughing in both, the victims are likely to start coughing blood which is considered life threatening. In extreme cases victims also experience fever which is gradual. In both you will see swollen lymph nodes either on the neck or the face. The above stated are symptoms that are seen in both bronchitis and laryngitis.

Treatment for both

Since both have similar causes and symptoms its tricky while administering treatment. There are people who prefer to by medicine off the shelf and this is what brings future complications. It’s advisable to see a doctor no matter how minor the symptoms are. The doctor is well conversant with both bronchitis and also laryngitis. He will therefore be able to distinguish between the two. Treatment should be followed to the last dose to avoid recurrence. There are also herbal treatment options for both but they require the victims to be well self-researched on both bronchitis and laryngitis.

Most treatments work well if there is a bit of exercise in there. One should be able to wait until the symptoms subside before embarking on any form of exercise. It helps in speeding up the healing process gives the patient sense of health and wellbeing. Exposure to any toxic fumes should be avoided. If one is working in an industry that has a lot of fumes being emitted then they should look for an alternative job. Smokers should quit this bad habit. All this combined with a good diet that builds immunity should help control bronchitis and laryngitis.

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