What to Do About Dry Cough with Bronchitis

Normal coughing might be a bit disturbing but the Bronchitis Dry Cough is not something that can be ignored at all. Moreover, it is much more painful and annoying as compared to the normal coughing as it is accompanied by a severe pain. Dry cough means cough with no or minimum amount of mucus or sputum in it. During Bronchitis Dry Cough are common to occur and represents the time of serious problems. Dry cough may also result due to serious diseases, disorders, inflammations, trauma, malignancy, airway obstruction, allergy, and so on. However in bronchitis it is due to airway obstruction. This is due to the inflammation of bronchi, the branch wind pipe. This can be due to the result of various infections involving virus, bacteria, fungus and environmental irritants. Peoples living in air polluted areas and involved in tobacco smoking can also undergo Bronchitis Dry Cough. In addition to the above mentioned, the patient needs to take into account other unhygienic factors as well.

Appearance of Bronchitis Dry Cough in a patient is really life-threatening and might create some hectic situations for him or her as well. It may cause difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat, swollen legs or ankles, chest pain, etc. The patient is more than annoyed and suffers unusual pain. This needs immediate treatment otherwise several complications may occur. In acute Bronchitis Dry Cough is actually acute type and persists only for about 2-3 weeks but if the dry cough still remains then there is an immediate need of doctor. Dry cough are more common in people living in some polluted environment or people with regular smoking tobacco. There are several homemade preventive measures for dry cough.

While suffering from Bronchitis Dry Cough, one needs to drink lot of warm water and also follow some homemade remedies like-

  1. Drinking mixture of lemon juice, honey and warm water, thrice a day.
  2. Gargling with mixture of salt and lukewarm water
  3. Gargling with warm spinach juice
  4. Using decoction of henna leaves
  5. Chewing ginger, you can add honey to improve the taste.
  6. Drinking hot milk with some honey before going to bed
  7. Eating black pepper with caraway seeds added with some common salt
  8. Grape juice with honey are very effective
  9. Drink mixture of cuscus grass, coconut milk and honey before going to bed
  10. Turmeric with honey can greatly treat the dry cough.

Taking rest in Bronchitis Dry Cough can also be the best option as it provides the body with useful rest and increases the body’s natural defense against infections. However one can also use some drugs to reduce the cough reflux such as codeine, pholcodine, dextromethorphan. You can use simple linctus, glycerin, lemon and honey as natural cough suppressants.

It is advised not to use any of the drugs by its own because it is necessary to check whether you are suffering from other disease or not. After examining your infection doctor will provide you the best advice for remedies. It is also must necessary to change one’s environmental status if necessary. It has been found that dry cough has been most common among people who have the habit of smoking cigarettes. As these types of activities can result into further disorders so it is necessary to get rid of them.

Dry cough are more common in chronic bronchitis because in chronic bronchitis people are infected due to environmental irritants including smoking, pollutions and so on. However acute Bronchitis Dry Cough is not so problematic. This will be recovered within 2- 3 weeks by one’s own immune system. However special care is necessary in both of the cases.

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