Drinking Tea to Treat Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the lining of the inner bronchial membranes that are connected to the windpipe called trachea. Generally the respiratory system is covered by a lining that also produces mucus. A patient with bronchitis experiences pain while passing air through breathing. Since bronchitis has no cure, there are so many ways of suppressing the symptoms. This relieves the inflammation in the lungs and the main aim is to help the patient to breathe comfortably. There are other ways apart from medication that are used. These are natural remedies found in either herbs or the foods we take daily. One of these is tea for bronchitis.

Tea is a natural herb that is used by most people as a beverage. Little do we know that it’s believed to have healing and soothing power. It relives pin in the inflamed bronchi. It also relives coughing and pain from both acute and chronic bronchitis. It acts stronger than an expectorant. The tea herbal remedy assists the body to expel the mucus by diluting it and accelerates the healing process. The patient can take the remedy during the cold infection or at the onset of bronchitis infection. Therefore tea for bronchitis helps the healing process become easier.

How it’s to best taken

The patient has to remember that this is not the normal tea we take as beverage. This is special tea that has been made using different healing herbs. It should not be given to children under a certain age group. It should not be used on long term basis therefore it can only be used when the patient is experiencing the bronchitis symptoms. This special blended tea should be taken like six times in a day. There are normally recommended cup sizes used for measuring. You should also not add any sweeteners. Tea for bronchitis is best taken in its bitter form.

There are those patients who take strong steroids to relieve bronchitis pain and symptoms. This should not be taken or mixed with the herbal tea. Also adults and children who are taking asthma medication are not allowed to take this tea. This is because this herbal tea remedy does not allow conventional medicine to absorb properly. This tea mixture contains a product called Echinacea and is considered dangerous if consumed by those suffering from auto immune diseases. Lactating mothers and pregnant women should also keep off tea for bronchitis.

Tea blend composition

To make this special tea a lot of herbal knowledge is required. Tests have been done over the years to make sure that it has given proven results. Composition of this herb is not found in one country therefore specialists travel around the world. This means they also need to be certified by the board of herbalists to ensure the right herbs are used. Some of the compositions of the tea are:  Lobelia, Anise, Chamomile, Echinacea, Horehound, Pleurisy root and mullein. This herbal tea is recommended instead of your doctors’ prescription. This means that tea for bronchitis should be taken following instructions stated.

The herbs are originally grown and they are made by order. This means the patients makes an order of a particular amount. They are tied with special folding that helps keep the tea herb fresh till it gets to the patient. Patients are recommended to educate themselves on herbs and get to know what herbs are used for what disorders. Most herbs are used to treat more that one disease. The only catch is the combination of different herbs that makes the difference. Use engine search to educate yourself further and also to get the best tea for bronchitis that will work for you.

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