The Truth About Azithromycin for Bronchitis

With bronchitis has become a serious infection all over the world, medical researchers has been looking day and night for a drug that will relieve bronchitis symptoms almost to zero. Bronchitis can be transmitted through air. So if  a big percentage of people live in an area where the bacteria is most then you can do the math and tell the predicament that will befall those people in a short period of time. Medications have been administered and it has been observed that in most cases after a long period of time, the same symptoms recur in the same victims. Azithromycin for bronchitis is believed to be the best drug to give a bronchitis patient.

Azithromycin is known the world over to be the best antibiotic. It’s placed as an azalide which is placed in the subclass of microcline antibiotics. It’s used in prevention or treatment of bacterial infection that cause the bronchitis. These include, throat, pneumonia and sinusitis. It’s mainly used as an antibiotic in children and in those adult patients with a weak immune system. This drug has shown perfect results when it has been used to treat late onset bronchitis in patients. This has made azithromycin for bronchitis a drug to trust.

The connection between azithromycin treatment and bronchitis treatment is still been researched. For patients suffering from bronchitis it is recommended to consider a few things before taking this medication. Let your doctor know if you are suffering from any other disease. Also, he/she should know if you are on medication. This will help the doctor to know how much of azithromycin you will need to take. This is also to prevent you from reaction to these antibiotics. It’s considered a good and perfect drug because most of the time reactions to other drugs are minimal. It’s good to gain knowledge for azithromycin for bronchitis.


After you have followed the steps on doctor patients’ questions now you can get your medication. Just like all macrolide antibiotics azithromycin prevents any bacteria from growing by interfering with their ability to produce proteins. Though macrolide bacteria does not interfere with the way protein is produced in human, in treatment assistance it’s an unusual antibiotics in that it stays in the body for long  allowing the treatment to take shorter periods. It’s available in generic form. This is advisable to take generic azithromycin for bronchitis to treat mild cases.


Since it’s an antibiotic azithromycin can be taken with or without food except for a type called Zmax. It should be taken on empty stomach because it reduces food absorption. It should be taken preferably one to two hours before food consumption. In adults it can be taken in single or multiple doses. If the treatment is short for minor bronchitis then the dose is once a day for short periods like five days. If the bronchitis is chronic the doctor can prescribe a double dose to be taken in the morning and in the evening. Therefore dosage for azithromycin for bronchitis highly depends on how serious it is.

It’s also advisable to tell the doctor if the medicine you are taking is coated with substances like magnesium as anti-acids. This is important because azithromycin should not be taken with these substances. The main reason is that the anti-acids bind the azithromycin by preventing it from being absorbed by the intestines. It can only be used during pregnancy if it’s found necessary. The same case applies for lactating mothers. There minor side effects that are associated with taking medication as azithromycin for bronchitis such as loose stool and diarrhea.

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